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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Opposing Trump's Wall is Actually Racist

Opposing Trump’s wall is racist. Anyone who believes that the US/Mexico border should be left unsecured is a racist. Building the wall or, more directly to the problem, stopping illegal immigration, halting the drug trade and stemming the flow of U.S. dollars into the hands of the drug cartels is a major issue. If you believe that illegal immigration is good, you are a racist.

You are a racist for being pro-illegal immigration for several reasons. First, illegal immigration is racist because it favors people from South America at the expense of legal immigrants from other places. Any immigrant who enters the U.S. puts a strain on the system because they have not yet made the investments in labor or capitol to the country that everyone else has. Simply put, when illegal immigrants enter the country, that puts a strain on the economy. Congress sees the strain on the economy and makes the rational decision to limit legal immigration so as to not put even more strain on the economy. So, in other words, we would have more legal immigration if we had less illegal immigration. People from countries not in South America such as countries in Africa, do not have the luxury of immigrating illegally because they do not share a border with the US. We should not treat people unequally just because they share a border with us.

Second, if you want the border open you are allowing the illegal drug trade to continue. Cartels are bad, gangs are bad and people who support the cartels and gangs are bad. People who want open borders are supporting the cartels and gangs. For example, the Los Zetas cartel has a network of ovens that they use to incinerate their victims so as to leave behind no evidence. These are bad people who, in large part, are the reason why South America is such a shithole. Sure there are some nice places in South America, but if it was truly a good place to live then people would not be immigrating to the U.S in droves. The cartels are a major force that is holding the countries of South America from reaching their potential as first world nations. The corrupt socialist governments also play a part, but eliminating the cartels would be a major step forward that can only be achieved when the U.S. stops funding them. The only reason the cartels are a thing is because they get an inordinate amount of money from the illegal drug trade to the U.S. Cut off the drug money and the cartels eventually go away. So, to sum up, the reason why South America is a bad place to live is because of the drug cartels and the only reason why there are drug cartels is because of American money they get through the drug trade. Build the wall, cut off the money and South America gets better. But some people don't want to do that. They are racists. People who support the open borders are racists because they want to let a few people into America at the expense of the rest of South America. The supposed benefit of having open borders is that it allows people into the US. This thinking does not take into account the cost of open borders, which is the destruction of South America at the hands of the cartels. 

The one legitimate reason for opposing the wall is that you don’t think it will stop the problem so it will be an expensive way to not solve a problem. If you truly believe that a 50 foot high wall guarded by a well-funded border patrol cannot stop illegal immigration and the illegal drug trade, then do you have a better idea? I haven’t heard of a better idea than the wall, if I did then I would advocate for that idea instead.