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Friday, May 13, 2016

Libertarians Should Vote Trump

Libertarians should vote Trump because has created a process through which Libertarians will be able to channel their agenda in the future.

Prior to the Trump phenomenon, nobody other than the Republican establishment was able to get the Republican nomination. This was due to a host of reasons but mainly because rank and file Republicans had the mindset that we were supposed to fall in line and nominate whoever the establishment put in front of us. This is no longer the case. Unlike the Democrats,Republicans don't have procedural rule prohibiting non-establishment figures from getting the nomination (superdelegates). The only prohibition on non-establishment figures in the Republican party was a psychological one. That was Hope. We always hoped for a better candidate but knew that we had to vote for the substandard candidates the establishment put in front of us because, if we didn't, Republicans would lose power and it was game over.

Now we no longer need hope. We have nominated Trump, a decidedly non-establishment figure. Now we know that it can be done and how to do it. This is where the Libertarians come in. Previously, Libertarians had no hope of ever getting a Libertarian minded candidate nominated on the Republican ticket. Now, things are different. Because Trump has changed the nominating process and empowered the people to decide for ourselves who gets nominated, Libertarians now have a voice in the nomination process. Maybe not in this election because Trump is already elected, but in the future.

The reason Libertarians should vote for Trump is fairly simple. We don't want that process to be destroyed. If Trump loses this election, the process he created that will allow for non-establishment figures to be elected will be destroyed by the Republican elite just like the Democrats destroyed their open primary process with the creation of superdelegates. We don't want superdelegates in the Republican party because they destroy the voice of the people. We don't want any rules that inhibit the voice of the people, we want an open primary process where the people choose. If the Republican party continues to have a more open primary system that allows for non-establishment figures to have a chance at being nominated, this allows for Libertarian candidates to have their shot.