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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Radical Islamic Terrorism

The longer Obama and the progressive left refuses to say the words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' the more people will die.

It is going to take a global acknowledgement that we are fighting a religious ideology in order to combat the great evil that threatens to disrupt our Western way of life. But Obama and the left will not say the words 'Radical Islamic Terrorism' because Obama and the Left want the dismantling of the Western way of life. They want a new communist/socialist West. They want the current way of things to be broken down. It does not matter how it is broken down, just that it is. Once it is broken down then the progressive left will be free to rebuild society however they please.

If radical islam helps the progressive left break down Western society, the progressive left welcomes that help. This is why the progressive left refuses to condemn radical islam. Even calling it 'radical' is a form of condemnation in which they will not participate. Unfortunately for everyone who is not a politician, failing to define our enemy has lead to a failure to fight that enemy. While we chase 'hate crimes' and political correctness, the true enemy, radical islam, makes its great escape. It is time for the progressive left to put aside politics and address an issue that will in the near future cost thousands of American lives. That issue is Radical Islamic Terrorism.