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Friday, May 20, 2016

Marxists are Stupid

Marxism is all about creating a classless society. That means that everyone is the same as everyone else. Everyone makes the same amount of money, people are not treated differently because of their gender, everyone owns the same amount of property, and businesses are owned by the people who work there.

It is likely I will write another post about why feminism is marxism, but today's post is about why marxists do not understand business.

Marxists do not want to have 'owners' and 'workers' because they believe that it is fundamentally unfair for an owner (who apparently do not perform work or labor) to profit off the labor of the workers. If the workers are doing the labor they should also be getting all the profit. This is an absurd opinion.

Marxists deny the existence of risk. Whenever some investment is made, there is risk involved. If a business owner decides to build a building, there is risk involved that maybe the business wont work and he will lose money on the building. That is risk and there is risk involved with every business. Wherever money is invested there is a risk that the money will be lost. The marxists simply do not think about this risk. When a marxist says that it is not fair to the workers for the business owner to take part of their labor, the marxist is very stupidly denying the fact that the business owner has taken on risk where the worker has not.The business owner is risking that nobody will buy the product that the worker produced. The worker gets paid whether or not the product he produced gets sold.

Doesn't it make sense that the owner gets paid more than the worker? If they both make the same amount of money then who would choose to be a business owner and take on a greater risk for no greater reward? nobody would.

Marxists will also sometimes say that the business should be owned and operated by the people who work there. So, in other words, they believe everyone should be forced to invest their money in a business and to take on the extra risk that comes with owning a business. Even people who are risk averse and who do not want to take any risk (maybe because they have a family to feed) will be forced to take on that risk because the marxists think it is unfair for business owners to get paid for taking on that risk for their employees.

Marxists are stupid.