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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bill's Sexual Abuse of Women is a Problem for Hillary

The Democrats want to make people think that Bill sexually assaulting women is a nonissue, that it shouldn't hurt Hillary in the general election, and that Hillary is the candidate for women.

Bill's sexual improprieties should hurt Hillary in the election. We all know Bill is a sleeze bag and that what he did to those women was wrong and that if anyone else had done those things, they would have been punished. But Bill was the President and the Presidency comes with the power to sweep things under the rug.

Hillary has been sweeping things under the rug her while life. From the Whitewater Controversy to Benghazi to the email scandal we all know the drill. Clinton's capers inevitably lead her to a having a good laugh with Bill about how much she could break the law without repercussion. The fact that both he and she are adept at avoiding repercussions for their actions should impress upon voters some negative attitudes of Hillary. In fact it does, Hillary's untrustworthiness numbers are very, very low. Just take a look at any one of these polls.

These numbers reflect the reason why Hillary is not a candidate for women. If she truly cared about issues affecting women she would not have perpetuated the ability of people like Bill to act as predators. This deal with Bill Clinton sexually assaulting women is not the real issue. The real issue is men in positions of power using that power to victimize women. Hillary and Bill Clinton have demonstrated that they are not only unwilling to back a cultural movement to fight back against men using positions of power to victimize women, but that they are willing to participate in the victimization by doing the very thing they should be fighting - using a position of power to prey on and victimize women who do not have the power to defend themselves.